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In this article, I will be sharing my top 9 picks for angle grinder Attachments that make the angler the most versatile tool available in the workshop. The angle grinder has been an invaluable tool. These accessories will help you do almost everything. The angle grinder can cut, shape, form, polish, and grind metal, wood, stone, and ceramics. The following are the top 9 angle grinder accessories.


For our readers, we all know that an angle grinder is the cheapest tool to sharpen and drill all your copper and bronze items like coil springs, bolts, old hinges, and chocks. It also can be used for grinding aluminum, bronze, and brass to reforge them. Another reason why we think the angle grinder is the cheapest and fastest tool is because it’s suitable for nailing and drilling metal and wood. Cutting The metal grinder uses a v-style blade to cut metal, stone, and wood. The v-type angle grinder is helpful to get straight cuts on a variety of materials. In addition, it is suitable for shaping materials by cutting away from the grain. The secondary-style blade cuts the material by making cuts on either side of the v-shaped blade to get an excellent shape.

Angle Grinder Attachments

Digital Gauge:

Angle grinders are commonly fitted with a gauge that you use to measure the angle of the angle grinder accurately. You can change the working angle from 20 to 110° by adjusting the mechanical rod. This digital gauge is excellent for making the angle of the angle grinder from 1° to 110°. It makes it easy to make measurements of curves of 20° to 110°. With this gauge, you can control the mechanical rod very accurately.

Manual Gauge:

An angled bar gauge enables you to make an accurate measurement by just adjusting the mechanical rod. You can create a precise measurement of angles of 20° to 110° without turning the angle grinder. However, it isn’t easy to control the mechanical rod accurately.

Drill Chuck

One of the most important pieces of kit on a utility tool set, the drill chuck allows you to change the bit for drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic, and ceramics while drilling sideways and upside down. It comes in several sizes and can also be used for the drawing of new tools. Motoman Pal-Di, The Motoman Pal-Di, is an excellent hand drill that lets you saw through wood and metal with ease. With the Pal-Di, the woodworker can enjoy woodworking while providing accurate results. The Motoman Pal-Di is also known for its excellent balance, ease of use, and modularity, making it ideal for rough-use jobs. It is widely used for straightening and polishing hard and soft metals and forming and shaping stainless steel.

Cutting Wheels

No power tool can do what an angle grinder can do. The fact is, most power tools have limitations. You could spend a lot of money or a lot of time building a set of cutting wheels that work, but they will never do the job as well as an angle grinder. I have always found that it is better to start by building one Wheel that will work than starting with a whole wheel that may or may not work. The only wheels worth buying are Flesher’s Offset Angle Grinders and Carbide Grinder Wheels. They are usually hard to come by at most local stores. If you cannot find them locally or are unavailable, you can buy them on eBay or Amazon. I recently purchased these three sets of offset angle grinder wheels on Amazon and my local scrapyard.

Sanding Discs

These are a great way to clean up areas where the edge of your grinding Wheel has worn off. Push the dust out of the way with your hand. Hold them with one hand and the Wheel with the other and spin the Wheel. Be careful not to overdo it. However, they can quickly get hot. Metal Rods Metal Rods provide for a friendly and even grinding motion. It can also help you create hollow edges on materials such as wood. I find it can make the cleanest edges for precision grinding.

Soldering Tip

A soldering tip is essential to any electric metalworking process. For quick soldering, use a tinned solder alloy, such as solder paste. You can buy this or mix your own from a reputable supplier such as Dart or Sandringham because, while the commercial versions are generally acceptable, they can cause problems with epoxy and bake-offs. The manual sometimes says you should only use a bronze soldering tip, but that does not hold water. Flooding Oil Flooding oil is used for removing the liquid from your information. A primary ratio is one-to-one, one part oil to one part solder paste. The angle grinder uses an oil reservoir to keep the soldering tip-filled. When you are ready to solder, the tip is filled with solder paste, and the information is plunged into the oil.

Diamond Cup Wheel

The Diamond Cup Wheel allows you to use high torque cutters to make thin cuts. It is one of the most versatile power tools for the metalworker. It has a universal thread-mount for use on CNC machine tools as well as the common grindstone. It can be easily converted to a diamond shape by replacing the spokes. It is also easy to adjust the spacing between spokes. The Wheel is of the constant heat, and the handle will not get hot. The change in the shape of the Wheel allows you to adapt to any work-piece you are grinding. You can also make it longer or shorter for use in other applications. The roller bearing on the top is easily adjustable. You can also buy spare roller bearings at your local hardware store. A set of 2 Diamond Cups is a good price at around $200.

Metal Cut-Off Wheel

A metal cut-off wheel is one of the most important and valuable pieces of equipment to have in your toolbox. These are used to eliminate metal parts and pre-ground on abrasives to prepare metal surfaces for the polishing process. Wood saw An adjustable and portable wood saw is a must-have accessory for the hobbyist. You can use it for any purpose, from scrap wood, chopping firewood, thinning firewood, building a firewood frame, or splitting firewood. Jig Saw A jigsaw is a purpose-built angle grinder accessory. It allows you to cut your work pieces with a set of teeth – the most helpful dimension are T-nuts. Rotary Forged Vise This is a helpful angle grinder accessory. The machine has seven individual operating control positions and a rotary material carrier.

Grinding Discs

To perform many duties, the grinding Disc is used. The adjustable cutting radius and smooth finish make the grinding Disc an excellent tool. The standard version has two grooves and a flattened cutting surface. However, you can also add other flat surfaces, such as a bead-seal cutting disc. Another version has a smooth face. Scribing Knife The scribing knife has many uses. There are many different blade blades. The full sharpening is one of the most popular and durable types. Sanding Disc The sanding disc is used to smooth and polish. Its smooth finish makes it easy to clean, even with an open scribe tip. Ascribing disk makes for a versatile tool. This is especially useful for installing fasteners on wood.


As you can see, there is an angle grinder accessory for almost any skill set you need to perform the task at hand. The ideas mentioned above are just a few of many I have come up with. I have not mentioned many accessories, such as sawhorses or training wheels; I believe that is something for a future article. These are just a few of the available accessories. What are some of the accessories that you find helpful for your setup? Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Would you mind letting me know your thoughts in the comments section below? I am always looking for ideas on cool accessories that you would like to see. Here’s some feedback from my fellow readers and followers on the top tools.