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Angle grinders are power tools that have either a small or big sanding discs inside. Angle grinders are used for cutting and grinding metal, stones, and sometimes wood. In some angle grinders, the rotating sanding disc is visible, which gives the workers a better viewing angle while operating the equipment. The size of the disc depends on the size of the grinder itself. In this article, we will discuss 7-inch angle grinders as they are a bit bigger and faster and mainly used for heavy-duty projects. 7-inch angle grinders are also useful for cutting large pipes, stones, steel rods, etc. There are many reviews about 7-inch angle grinders online. If you spare some time researching, you’ll find articles about the best 7-inch angle grinders on the market, different prices of 7-inch angle grinders, expert reviews, and so on. But, just knowing the top angle grinders or their prices won’t help you much. If you’re looking for an excellent 7-inch angle grinder, you should know about the positive aspects of it, before you buy one. Below are reviews about five best 7-inch angle grinders in the market now, in my opinion.

1.Dewalt DWE4517 7-Inch 8,500 RPM 4 HP Angle Grinder

Dewalt DWE4517 7-Inch

Dewalt is a very reputable manufacturer for angle grinders. The Dewalt DWE4517 7-inch 8,500 RPM 4HP Angle Grinder is equipped with a powerful 4 HP motor with 8,500 RPM. This Dewalt has overload protection, so you don’t have to worry about working with this grinder for extended periods. The grinder’s field and armature are epoxy-coated, which gives it protection against abrasions from airborne particles. The small profile of the grinder makes it easy to use in tight areas. The Dewalt DWE4517 also comes with a 2-position side handle for easier handling. The Dewalt DWE4517 comes with a two-position side handle feature for better ergonomics.

2.Dewalt D28499X 7-Inch/9-Inch 5.3-Horsepower Large Angle Grinder

The Dewalt D28499X 7-Inch/9-Inch 5.3-Horsepower Large Angle Grinder is another capable grinder from Dewalt that is available in a 7-inch and 9-inch models. The Dewalt D28499X has a powerful and efficient grinder with a 5.3 HP 6,000 RPM motor with overload protection. Dewalt also included an adjustable guard on the grinder to protect users from flying sparks or debris. Unlike, the Dewalt DWE4517, this model features a 5-position side handle, which makes using the Dewalt D28499X more convenient. If you’re searching for a lightweight, yet powerful, 7-Inch or 9-Inch angle grinder, we suggest you check this one out.

Key Features

1. Easy to use2. High performance 4 HP 8,500 RPM motor
3. 8,500 rpm motor enables optimal material removal using 9-inch grinding wheels
4. 2 position side handle
5. Epoxy coated field and armature
6. Low profile build makes working in tight spaces and corners easy
7. Brush window enables quick brush replacement
8. Automatic turn-off brushes for more comfortable brush replacement
9. 12.8 lbs 10 Weighs Manufactured in China

Dewalt D28499X 7-Inch

3.Dewalt DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder

The Dewalt DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder has a 13 Amp 8,000 RPM motor that provides plenty of brute power and speed. The most noticeable characteristic of this grinder is its impressive power-to-weight ratio, which results in increased power efficiency and low user fatigue during long working hours. Like most 7-inch grinders from Dewalt, it has an adjustable guard for protection against debris or sparks.

Dewalt DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder

Key Features

1. They’re a powerful and efficient 13 Amp, 8,000 RPM motor2. Adjustable guard to protect users from flying debris or sparks
3. Well-designed rear handle for better control and comfort
4. Brush caps are located externally for easier servicing
5. Features concealed ball and roller bearings for better motor performance
6. The package includes a dual-position side handle, wrench, flange, five grinding wheels, adjustable guard, and a carrying bag
7. Weighs 19 lbs

4.Makita GA7021 7-Inch Angle Grinder

If you want a powerful, well-designed, and durable 7-inch angle grinder for tabletop grinding, look no further than the Makita GA7021 7-Inch Angle Grinder. That is one of the best 7-inch angle grinders out there. The Makita GA7021 7-Inch Angle Grinder features a 15 Amp, 6,000 RPM motor that delivers incredible performance and power. Makita has implemented motor and bearings protection on all of its 7-inch grinders as well as labyrinth seals. This design feature makes the Makita GA7021 dustproof, but it also prolongs the tool’s life. This grinder is also among the lightest ones discussed here, weighing only 10.4 lbs. This great 7-inch angle grinder is ideal for welders, masons, steel/metal fabricators, maintenance, etc.

.Key Features

1. 7-inch 15 Amp 6,000 RPM angle grinder2. Superb performance
3. Labyrinth construction and anti-dust vanish for increased protection against dust
4. Ergonomic soft grip and handles provide increased comfort
5. AC/DC power switch
6. External brushes for easier serviceability
7. Has a massive rubber tool rest for convenience
8. Weighs 10.4 lbs
9. Includes many accessories out of the box such as grinding wheel, wheel guard, flange, lock nut and wrench, side handle and user manual

5.Makita GA7001L 7-inch Electric Angle Grinder

Makita is a highly reputed power tool manufacturer, and the Makita GA7001L 7-inch Electric Angle Grinder is no exception. The Makita GA7001L has an extra heavy-duty 15 Amp, 6,000 RPM motor that delivers optimal material removal from metal, stone, etc. The side handle is removable and can mount on either side. There is also an option for switching power from AC to DC and vice versa. The grinder has rugged housing all over for increased durability. Handling the Makita GA7001L is also easy as it only weighs slightly more than its sibling discussed above.

Makita GA7001L 7-inch Electric Angle Grinder

Key Features

1. 15 Amp, 6,000 RPM motor that delivers high power, performance, and extended use2. AC/DC power switch for an alternative power source
3. Rugged housing for increased durability
4. Contains ball and needle bearings for long life
5. The side handle is removable and can mount on either side
6. Rugged housing for increased durability
7. Has spindle lock for easier wheel changes
8. Includes many accessories out of the box such as a 7-inch grinding wheel, wheel guard, flange, lock nut, wrench, side handle, spindle washer, and user manual
9. Weighs 12.6 lbs

Final Words

Choosing a 7-inch angle grinder can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a grinder. The worst-case scenario will be you’re stuck with a grinder that doesn’t match your work or work requirements, or a grinder that lacks sufficient power to complete the work. So, do your research about your work requirements, costs, brands, control, before buying any 7-inch grinder, to get the most benefit.