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Finding a good angle grinder might be tough. An angle grinder is essentially a device which helps in cutting, polishing and also in grinding. So whether you have to remove a  piece of metal or some polishing work to be done, you can use an angle grinder to get it done.

Makita 9565Cv Review

Makita 9565C Review

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What’s in the box

Before going into the details of the product let us discuss what stuff you get inside the box first.

You get a –

  • Makita 9565CV 5-Inch 12 AMP
  • Variable Speed SJS Angle Grinder
  • 5-inch grinding wheel
  • A side handle
  • Wheel Guard
  • Inner Flange and Lock Nut & Lock Nut Wrench

About the Company

Let’s first know about the brand first. Makita is an international brand which specializes in industry quality power tools and loads of other industrial accessories. Their products are best in class and quite durable too.

After using the Makita 9565C personally for a while, I can say it performs well in doing all the three jobs mentioned earlier. I like the variable speed feature as it helps me to adjust the speed of the device according to my usage.

So I thought to share my experience in my Makita 9565C Review.

Features and Performance

Let us discuss the design first. The Makita 9565CV is built keeping comfort in mind. The grinder weighs only 4 pounds and also comes with a lock-on switch for easy usage. You can fix the handle on either side as per your convenience.

You can also adjust the wheel guard for easier clamping.

Let’s talk about performance. The Makita 9565 is run by 12 Amp Motor. It also comes with soft-start for smoother startup. It goes to 10,500 RPM(rotations per minute) which is more than enough for even tougher tasks.

To maintain the speed, there is an electronic limiter which stops the motor when needed and also reduces the overload and burnout. The SJS(Super Joint System) technology, developed by Makita helps to prevent gear damage caused by accidental wheel binding is present in the 9565CV.

There is a five stage variable speed dial to help you get the desired speed. The Labyrinth construction is helpful in protecting the motor and also from dust and contamination. The zig-zag varnish seals the motor from dust and debris.

You will love the long wire provided with the Makita 9565. This makes movement very convenient. Not only is the wire long but the thick wiring makes it quite durable and sturdy.

The Makita 9565 is the most versatile angle grinder I have seen for a while.

The variable speed feature makes it very useful for stone work. This includes polishing and grinding. So if you are looking for an angle grinder for stone work then this may be the best for your bucks. You can also use it as a high-speed paint remover.

There is also a 4 ½ inch variation of the product.


  • Grinding Wheel – 5 inches
  • Wire cup brush – 3-½ inches
  • Sanding Dish – 5 inches
  • No load speed – 2,800-10,500 RPM


The device is very comfortable to use as it only weighs 4 pounds or 1.8 kgs. If we compare Makita 9565C with Dewalt DWE402, the first big difference we see is the size.

The Dewalt dimensions read 5.94 x 15.63 x 4.81 whereas the Makita’s reads 15 x 5 x 5 inches. The other different noticeable difference is the motor which is only 11 Amps on the Dewalt one. It also has a paddle switch which is missing in the 9565C.

The Dewalt one has better reviews on Amazon too and is cheaper too.


Though all the Makita’s products are inspected before leaving the factory they provide all the buyers with free 30 days return policy.

So if you are in anyways dissatisfied with the product you can ask for a full refund. There is however a 1 year warranty too from the date of purchase. You can get it repaired from any authorised service center across the globe.

You can visit their website for more information.


  • Compact design
  • Light Weight
  • Variable Speed


  • No paddle switch

The product has an overall rating of 4 stars from 100 customer reviews. Almost 70% of users have given a 5 star to the product.

A user says – 

“I have been using 4 1`/2″ grinders for about 30 or 40 years. I’m 72. I’ve always had the one speed 10,000 rpm ones and used 5″ discs with them.

I do mostly small boat building and use them for wood shaping, but also sometimes for metal or concrete work.

I always thought variable speed would be nice, but then I’ve had Porter Cable VS 6′ sanders for years too. I finally coughed up the bucks for this Makita and just love it”

Final Words

The Makita 9565C is one the best angle grinders that you will find online. With loads of features and compact design this is the best for your money.

Makita as a brand has been for years and gained a lot of trust over these years. The variable speed is a nice addition which is missing in most of the angle grinders. With a top speed of 10,000 RPM, it is suitable for all types of work.